CareGiving App was designed by people who have been on both sides of the caregiving experience; so we know what things are most important to ease the burden on both the caregiver and the recipient.

Coordinating voluntary care by friends and family, CareGivingApp offers the most practical and friendly web platform and mobile app for caring for someone at home.

The heart of the App is a shared and interactive calendar for scheduling needs. No other care app features the convenience of an interactive calendar including meals, transportation, childcare, medications, visitation, pet care, and customizable calendars.

Creating a care network is a breeze with the App's easy invitation module working off your existing address book.

Message service and Journal to keep in touch with your care network are also included, as well as blood pressure, weight, and diet logs.

For those who need more help, the App allows you to appoint an Administrator of your choosing from your close friends or family to help you with the App.

For people under the watchful eye of an outpatient facility or nursing service, CareGiving App even provides access by a qualified and designated Supervisor.

CareGiving App is an uncomplicated solution to the daily frustrations facing caregivers and care recipients alike. We are confident that you will find it a tremendous help.