Registration and Setup for Recipient:

1. Register.
2. Invite one or more Caregivers: On Web page, go to Contacts, Click Add Caregiver, fill out invitation, check box, and hit send. On mobile App, go to Contacts, select Caregivers, tap on the '+' sign and invite your Caregivers.
3. Go to Settings, then Preferences. Fill out medical and food allergies. Fill out food preferences.
4. Go to calendar and fill in items you may need help with - meals, transportation, babysitting, etc.

Registration and Setup for Caregiver:

1. Accept invitation and download App if on mobile device, or go to web site if on computer.
2. Register. Log on with password. If you are caring for more than one person, select the current Recipient.
3. Go To Settings, then Preferences under Profile Settings and check notifications you want.
4. Go to Calendar and/or to My Activity/ All Calendar Tasks and confirm to accept Tasks for your Care Recipient.
5. If you want to offer a meal yourself, go to Calendar/Meals Offered by Caregiver.