How to Register and Setup for Recipient?How to Register and Setup for Caregiver?How do I make a shopping list?How do I use messages and how does it work?What is journal and how do I use it?How does Medication calendar work?How do I add new Caregiver?How do I delete a Caregiver?How do I get a Group Supervisor?How do I add a new task?How do I delete a task?What is a Care Recipient?What are Caregivers?What is an Administrator?What is a Group Supervisor?How long can I use CGA?How do I send an invitation?How many invitations can I send?How do I change an invitation to caregiver?How does Shopping List work?Why doesn't my information show up in Contacts?How do I see a list of my commitments?How do I cancel a commitment to perform a task?How do I take care of more than one patient?How does Messages work?How does the Journal work?How do the Calendar tasks work?How to view list of meals offered?How to record diet, blood sugar, weight and blood pressure?How to view record of blood sugar, weight and blood pressure?