CareGivingApp was developed by people who have " been there, done that." We have had more experience than we would like on both sides of the caregiver/care recipient situation. We know first-hand the difficulties, frustrations, and rich rewards of the relationship.

CareGivingApp is the result of those experiences.

Often, immediately after you come home from the hospital or suffer a family tragedy, your friends and family rally round, sincerely telling you, " Call me if there's anything I can do. " And they mean it. But you feel awkward and don't quite know how to ask, so you never call, and your friends don't know a graceful way to volunteer. You never get the help you need. Your friends never have the chance to express their friendship.

Luckily, after one particular event, our friends took it upon themselves to organize a dinner calendar with different people bringing dinner nightly for a few weeks. We were enormously grateful and truly amazed what a burden it had lifted from the household at a time when everyone was in " survival mode. "

So we decided to go high tech and develop an app that would set up and run a care support network rather like a personal secretary - inviting friends to help, scheduling tasks, keeping everyone abreast of news, and passing messages back and forth.

We sincerely hope that CareGivingApp is as big a help to you as our friends were to us, maybe even more so.